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AIHUASHI ceramics,is a professional production of various kinds of fine ceramics ceramics enterprise modernizaion.OAIWAS ceramic integration of today's ceramic industry essence of the latest technology,introduced from abroad a first-class modern production equipment,has experienced a large number of high-tech talent,R & D,production,sales,service as one.spe-cializing in the production of 300x600mm and 300x450mm various specifications wall.another also produces 70x600mm,70x450mm,70x300mm,80x250mm a variety of the waistline,but also set up the product quality monitoring system and all-round quality management system,effectively ensure the product quality,and by the national quality inspection department inspection the indicators have reached the national and international standards,is the ideal indoor decoration materials,by the majority of users of praise and trust. 

in the face of future ,OIWAS ceramics are full of confidence,we will give full play to the quality advantage and market advantage,technology advantage,quality products,satisfactory service to repay the vast number of consumers love,we have reason to believe that:OIWAS ceramic will provide you the most professional and caring decorative experts! 

OIWAS ceramic in the " refine on,wisdom ahead " in the spirit of "sincere,meticulous and sincere" service attitude,adhering to the concept of win-  win cooperation and dedication of the vast number of consumers.We warmly welcome and invite domestic foreign customers to map,sample processing or order at the scene to guide. 

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